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Trave & Platform - Multiple Packaging Formats

  • Wednesday, 24 September 2014 00:00

Packaging science, technology and equipment is at the heart of the food industry. Retailer and consumer demands are evolving and changing on a regular basis challenging suppliers to meet these new demands efficiently and timely with innovative cost effective solutions. G Mondini S.p.A with its creative and innovative approach has developed the new PLATFORM Technology to address these challenges. The PLATFORM Technology is a system with unequalled performance to deliver multiple packaging solutions on the TRAVE tray-sealing range. This new technology allows our customers a new freedom to seek out new business opportunities secure in the performance of the PLATFORM Technology. Standard in the TRAVE Tray Sealer this new technology creates many new selling opportunities. Through a simple tool change you can change packaging materials, pack formats and technology. Uncompromising, the TRAVE tray sealer with the PLATFORM Technology delivers pack security and quality with proven packaging technologies at cost effective productions speeds. 100% Utilisation of the system with the TRAVE PLATFORM approach means a secure sound investment giving the flexibility to meet the challenges of a dynamic changing market.


  • Maximum utilisation of factory space
  • One machine with many packaging options
  • Significant increase in machine cycle speed
  • One Effective Production Line
  • Timely and Simple Format Changes
  • 100% Utilisation of Production Line
  • Unmatched Efficiency Levels
  • Smart Design Optimises Hygiene and System Performance
  • Reduction in Capital with Single Machine Multiple Options



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Through their highly successful partnership with Mondini, Pharmafoods can offer you a ground breaking range of Mondini tray sealers which offers the capability to produce multiple packaging formats on a single tray sealer through a simple tool change.

This market leading technology secures decision making by giving producers the flexibility and technology to meet changing consumer demands in a single environment.


TRAVE Sealing Machines
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