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Darfresh - A new innovation in vacum packing!

  • Friday, 24 January 2014 00:00

Pharmafoods are pleased to announce that Mondini and Sealed Air Cryovac two world leaders in the packaging industry have launch a world first Darfresh on a premade tray. This is a patented system which allows our customers to vacuum pack there meat, fish, poultry etc. in a premade tray with all the film technology available from Cryovac. The advantage of the new system it achieves the best pack appearance, fastest cycle speed typically 9.5 cycles and no film waste what so ever. Therefore Mondini have achieve the best capital investment return in the fastest, smallest foot print and most flexible Platform technology tray sealer on the market.

Darfresh® system using innovative tray sealing technology

Full system approach with synergy on equipment, films and products

New benefits in eliminating scrap film and significant productivity increase.



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