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Seafood Solutions from Bilwinco in association with Pharmafoods

The BILWINCO range of multihead weighers covers portion sizes from 10 g up to 500 kg and a total weighing output of up to 300 kg per minute.

    • High Speed Multihead with Vertical Form Fill and Bagging Line for fresh and frozen meat.
    • Meeting fixed weight demand with virtually no rejects
    • Hygiene is perfected for the shelf life to be guaranteed
    • Flexible and easy cleaning for frequent product changeovers
    • Radial feeder vibration to prevent marinated products from sticking to surface

Whole, fresh herring fillets are sticky like few other edibles. In the multihead weighing business they are infamous for causing blockages or at the very least inaccuracies due to their tendency to remain practically glued in place irrespective of the transport system. Our new radial feeder vibrators can be set to vibrate at the natural frequency of the product. When combined with our rotating vibrator rims, no herring fillet can resist the urge to move!!

Boiled, peeled shrimp is almost as sticky as herring fillet – but it has an entirely different natural frequency. When processed with a weigher that is optimised for herring chances are that blockages will occur. • Lines processing only one product must be stopped intermittently for cleaning in order to maintain hygiene levels.
The Bilwinco Revolution Series allows for customised radial feeder vibrator setting, so that your line can be packing herring fillets in the morning and shrimp in the afternoon, both at unsurpassed efficiency levels. And due to the refined design of the multihead weigher and the improved cleanability the changeover time is up to 50% lower than for competing weighers.

Cans and tins come in all shapes and sizes, and most packaging lines handle several product and packaging changeovers during a typical day. Many canned and tinned seafood products are sticky, fragile or just plain difficult to handle. Bilwinco designs the filling tools individually for each receptacle, and makes sure that product and packaging changeovers are smooth and quick. The Bilwinco Revolution Series multihead weighers are purpose-built for frequent changeovers, with their superior hygiene and cleanability compared to prevailing designs. All our weighers can be delivered with a variety of internal surfaces, optimised for your products. And with the BW Revolution Series Linear Drive radial feeder system even the most difficult and/or sticky product will be moving along at top speed!

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A unique Bilwinco distribution tool for placing seafood in cups, comprising a piston to compress the product into the cup
Fresh fillets are sticky like few other products. The Bilwinco Linear Drive radial feeder vibrators, in combination with the rotating vibrator tray rims, will keep even products as sticky as fresh fish fillets moving uniformly into the accumulating hoppers

Custom designed Bilwinco distribution tool for thermoformer
The continuous motion distribution tool accurately and expediently apportions the product onto the cans