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Fresh Poultry Solutions from Bilwinco in association with Pharmafoods

The BILWINCO range of multihead weighers covers portion sizes from 10 g up to 500 kg and a total weighing output of up to 300 kg per minute.

    • High Speed Multihead with Vertical Form Fill and Bagging Line for fresh and frozen meat.
    • Meeting fixed weight demand with virtually no rejects
    • Hygiene is perfected for the shelf life to be guaranteed
    • Flexible and easy cleaning for frequent product changeovers
    • Radial feeder vibration to prevent marinated products from sticking to surface

Bilwinco Revolution Series multihead weighers are the only weighers that excel with sticky products such as fresh or marinated chicken meat. Due to the variable and self-adjusting Linear Drive vibrator system the product flow is both homogeneous and very gentle towards the product, meaning even fragile cuts are processed to the highest quality standards. Our product tray filling tools are custom built for the job at hand – this translates directly into industry- leading coherence between nominal and actual gross output capacity. Direct weighing and automatic continuous taring ensures homogeneous output weight all through the production cycle. And with our superior cleanability the product shelf life is never compromised by the packaging line!

Our frozen chicken meat packing solutions based on the Revolution Series multihead weighers are just that; i ering capacity and optional reject back-feed line. We can weigh and pack any portion sizes up to 25kgs simultaneously, and our automatic continuous taring ensures very low reject rates at the check weigher, to the benefit of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Our Revolution Series multihead weighers are designed for just that, with the revolutionary new feeder tray vibrators being able to shift any product at the highest possible rate with minimum abrasion. The output quality is higher, and the product looks more attractive in any packing solution.

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Fresh poultry must be packed automatically in a clean environment in order to maintain quality and shelf life

The exclusive Bilwinco solution ensures that the freezer flow needs never be interrupted even when there is a flow stop further down the line.
The excess product may be re-introduced into the weighing line as soon as the flow is reestablished

The Bilwinco distribution tools feature precisely calculated dropping heights and angles, ensuring careful processing of fragile products