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Fresh Produce Solutions from Bilwinco in association with Pharmafoods

The BILWINCO range of multihead weighers covers portion sizes from 10 g up to 500 kg and a total weighing output of up to 300 kg per minute.

    • High Speed Multihead with Vertical Form Fill and Bagging Line for fresh and frozen meat.
    • Meeting fixed weight demand with virtually no rejects
    • Hygiene is perfected for the shelf life to be guaranteed
    • Flexible and easy cleaning for frequent product changeovers
    • Radial feeder vibration to prevent marinated products from sticking to surface

Our Linear Drive* radial feeder vibration system makes even lettuce leaves want to move into the weighing hoppers, and damage nothing while performing their magic. Our new design is sleek and clean like no other multihead weigher available today, making periodic cleansing and product changeover cleaning of the machine a breeze.

Linear Drive* radial feeders keep even sticky fresh fruit moving at optimum rates, and the rate of vibration can be kept low enough to ensure no damage to the product while still maintaining productivity. Our superior workmanship and parts policy ensures minimum unplanned downtime, while the new design keeps cleaning times down. And finally all Bilwinco distribution tools are custom made for the job at hand, and we always focus on the quickest possible product changeover times!

In a word; volume. Peeled potato packing lines must have low unplanned downtime, and planned downtime for cleaning and maintenance must be kept to an absolute minimum.
The Bilwinco Revolution Series packaging lines, built to excel with far more complex products, makes packing potatoes like child’s play. Our reliability is unmatched, our cleaning times are low and our multihead weighers just keep going, year after year.

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A fresh sliced fruit distribution tool. Extra care is necessary to avoid smearing - the drop angles and height are optimised for this.

Bilwinco distribution tool for pre-cut lettuce leaves. The internal surface of the tool is optimised for lettuce