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Finger Food Solutions from Bilwinco in association with Pharmafoods

The BILWINCO range of multihead weighers covers portion sizes from 10 g up to 500 kg and a total weighing output of up to 300 kg per minute.

    • High Speed Multihead with Vertical Form Fill and Bagging Line for fresh and frozen meat.
    • Meeting fixed weight demand with virtually no rejects
    • Hygiene is perfected for the shelf life to be guaranteed
    • Flexible and easy cleaning for frequent product changeovers
    • Radial feeder vibration to prevent marinated products from sticking to surface

• Precision in the placement of the different ingredients is paramount
• Each recipe is different – flexibility at distribution tool level very important
• Must be able to handle sticky ingredients well
• Frequent product and ingredient changeovers require fast changeover times and easy cleanability
We custom-build the distribution tools for each application so that you can be certain that the filling is placed exactly where you need it, every time. Our distribution tools are quick to replace, to ensure your production flexibility during the often very changeable working days in the wraps/finger foods industry. The new Linear Drive radial feeders on our Revolution Series multihead weighers can handle any product gently yet efficiently, and our new design is sleek and clean like no other multihead weigher available today, making periodic cleansing and product changeover cleaning of the line a breeze.

• Placement! As a manufacturer of pies or sandwiches you need to know for sure that each portion is placed exactly where you want it
• Toppings can be many things, including sticky, wet or fragile ingredients. The weigher must be able to handle all of these with ease
• Changeover times. Hardly a pie or a sandwich line packs one product exclusively – frequent product changeovers are the norm, and the line must be quickly adaptable to new production runs
• Cleaning. All food industry is hygiene sensitive, with periodic cleaning and changeover cleaning often taking place several times/day.
We tailor-make the distribution tools for each of your applications, and our tools are renowned for their placement accuracy. They are also extremely quick and easy to exchange whenever the production changes. Our new Revolution Series multihead weighers are the only ones in the market that excel with sticky, difficult ingredients; they handle boiled shrimp as well as shredded cheese! And when it comes to cleaning no other manufacturer can match our cleanability – we have eliminated the recesses where debris may accumulate, we have made the whole unit waterproof to IP67 standards so you can use steam cleaning, and every component is optimised for cleanability. Tests have shown that cleaning times can be reduced by up to 50% with our new weighers. If you opt for a mobile solution you increase your production flexibility even more, plus you get the added cleaning benefit of the ability to take the weigher offline for thorough cleansing. Bilwinco Revolution Series multihead weighers are purpose-built for frequent changeovers, with their superior hygiene and cleanability compared to prevailing designs. Our weighers can be delivered with internal surfaces optimised for your products. And with the BW Revolution Series even the most difficult and/or sticky product will be moving along at top speed.

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Bilwinco tortilla conveyor securing full ingredient placement control
Custom designed Bilwinco ingredient distribution tool
The conveyor loading the Linear Drive radial feeders
Bilwinco custom made distribution tool with reject function