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Digi -Metal Detection and Rejection

  • Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

    • The push arm type rejection offers a high speed, accurate and reliable method to reject a wide range of packs
    • The metal detection head is fully integrated with the rejector providing easy setup
    • Advanced features such as reject confirmation, bin full and low air detection
    • Stainless steel tubular frame with 700 series style control box
    • Keeps pack transfer consistent throughout the production line
    • Push arm type can have 425mm or 800mm long conveyor allowing for standard & long scale length product

The MD-700 combines the efficiency and speed of the DIGI intelligent rejector with a market leading metal detector in one unit. The robust stainless steel construction, simple operation and exceptional performance of the metal detector makes the MD-700 a reliable and robust system.


DIGI offers a range of rejectors that are easily linked to the 700 series of weigh / labeling machines. The modular design allows rejectors to be integrated onto the frame-work of the weigh/labeler or as a stand alone unit. An optional intelligent pack can be added to giving advanced features.


The VIS-Mi is an intelligent camera system able to check printed areas of a label for errors.
The automatic in-line machine allows fast and continuous inspection of every labeled pack on the production line.


The VIS-S1 and VIS-S2 are intelligent vision inspection camera systems able to check printed areas of a label for errors.
The manual operation of these machines allows the quality assurance of a number of production lines using a single machine.