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Eagle™ F - Series Metal Detection

  • Tuesday, 21 June 2016 19:26


Eagle™ F-Series Metal Detector

Designed to detect metal contamination in free-falling fine powdered products

Eagle’s F-Series metal detector provides superior detection and automatic rejection of all metal contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous and magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steels, in the Food and Pharmaceutical/Personal Care industries.

Metal detection in a wide range of powdered products and granules is now efficient and cost-effective with Eagle’s F-Series Metal detector, a product inspection solution that can be used inline.

      • Easy to use intuitive operator interface enhances usability and maximizes operator efficiency and uptime by enabling quick set-up Flexible design suits all applications, even fine, dusty, high-value powders.
      • Circular inlets and outlets enable easy integration with surrounding equipment.
      • A dust-tight seal reduces product waste by minimizing the escape of good product into the reject channel.
      • Internal Cancellation Field (ICF) technology minimizes overall height requirements and enables detectors to be installed adjacent to other metal structures and equipment, e.g. between a weigher and bagger, without jeopardizing performance.
      • Combined with a compact, innovative reject device design, this allows systems to be installed in restricted spaces.
      • A robust construction and fully-welded stainless steel support frames enhance reliability, ensuring optimal performance, even in the harshest of environments, reducing maintenance requirements and the overall cost of ownership.
      • Diverters are hinged and can be dismantled quickly without tools, minimizing downtime by enabling easy cleaning between production batches Integrated testing facilities enable performance validation procedures to take place without disrupting the production process, maximizing uptime and optimizing plant efficiency. Data can be used to prove compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements 

Download V-Series PDF

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