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About Pharmafoods

Pharmafoods is Ireland's premier provider of packaging technology and solutions.
We have have designed developed and commissioned a wide range of packaging solutions for many leading names in the
food and non-food sectors throughout the island of Ireland.
We are proud to be experts in our field enabling us to offer fully integrated packaging. dry and wet meat injectors, tumblers/massagers, meat defrosting, tenderising, liquid mixing, labelling and inspection solutions. 

Our partners, Bilwinco, Mondini, Metalquimia, Digi, Eagle, PFM, Keymac and Cotswold Mechanical are global leaders in packaging and food technology solutions.

Six Reasons to Choose Pharmafoods

  • Industry Leader

    For almost 20 years Pharmafoods has been a key player in the development of some of Ireland's largest food processing plants..

  • Service

    At Pharmafoods, we believe that developing a close working relationship is best for customer satisfaction.

  • The Right Solution For You

    Pharmafoods has the expertise and the know how to create the ultimate production line to suit your needs!

  • Develop Your Production Line

    Development and maintenance of your production line is of utmost importance. Dedicated service engineer.

  • Platform Technology

    Where creativity, innovation and technology become one.

  • Amazing Support

    We strongly believe we provide a World Class Support. Just have a look at some of our testimonials below :)

Our Partners